The Crêts du Pilat

A wild landscape that flirts with the sky between heathland and chirats [scree].
From the summit of the Crêt de l’Oeillon or Les 3 Dents, superb panoramic views reach out as far as the eye can see: Mont Blanc, Mont Ventoux, the Vivarais, the Cévennes, the Jura, and the volcanoes of the Auvergne.

Here and there, intimate little scenes take their rightful place: a clearing and its carpet of bilberries, animals grazing in the unbroken calm of a meadow, and a little further on, a woodland scene with its beech copses....

Home to many species of endangered birds, the Crêts du Pilat is a site of major ecological interest.
This wild country with all its contrasts, its vegetation, its rocky outcrops, its very own heritage, chapel and wayside crosses, is a source of never-ending curiosity... real treasures for you to enjoy.