The lakes of the Forez

Myriad little patches of blue on either side of the river Loire, the Etangs du Forez are a major national heritage site for waterfowl and flora.

Created in the XIIIth century for fish farming (some were created by the Comtes du Forez), most are now privately owned and used for both fish farming and hunting. Some have been adapted to allow visitors to go fishing and learn more about the rich biodiversity of this preserved environment – a haven of peace and tranquillity.

3 chemin de Turagneux
42110 Chambéon
04 77 27 86 40
Remarkable natural site, Ecopole shelters the biggest bird sanctuary of the region Rhône-Alpes. A stroll of 1:30 along the edge of ponds and of the Loire in the discovery of a space of unique freedom in the Forez.
Etang David
42170 Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert
04 77 52 05 14
The David pond, which was originally created for fish farming, has now become a discovery area with an interpretive trail . Here, the 14 hectare stretch of water and over 11 hectares of meadows provide an ideal environment to learn about wild life and plants. Opening period : all year, every day.