An active natureThe most beautiful views of the Loire

Breathtaking landscape spots

On its territories of Roannais, Forez and Pilat, the Loire reveals landscapes of unsuspected beauty. Along its royal river, but also in the heart of its more remote lands, the department abounds in striking viewpoints. If you think that the Loire is discreet and boring, you are in for a real treat. The variety of its nature, its places full of history and the preservation of mass tourism make its most beautiful views spots to see at least once in a lifetime.


The natural spots to see

The Gorges de la Loire, between Velay and the Forez plain, are particularly incredible. They offer a superb panorama from several points of view like that of Saint-Victor-sur-Loire.

To admire the great expanses of the Forez plain, we think of the basaltic piton of Purchon which is one of the most beautiful views of the department. If you are not afraid to go up in altitude, go to the Grande Pierre Bazanne and its 360° panorama on the Monts du Forez.

Finally, it is in Dancé, precisely at the belvedere of Pêt d’Âne, that you can marvel at the largest meander of the Loire. Without forgetting the Crêt de la Chèvre, south of the Loire, which is a real panorama on the mountains of Pilat (Mont-Blanc, Ardèche, volcanoes of Auvergne…).