Monorail Trail Hike

Do the monorail trail

Between Panissières and Salt-en-Donzy in the Monts du Lyonnais, the Monorail trail is a must in the Forez-Est area. It is a very popular hiking trail and was originally intended to serve as a railroad for the textile industry.

An old railroad track

The “Montagnes du Matin” Monorail was first imagined to develop the cloth and linen industry of the town of Patissières. Its works, started in 1894, unfortunately met difficulties of realization, until the prefect decided to abandon the project. The monorail, which was to be 17 km long and serve 5 stations, thus never saw the light of day.

Rivers and bridges in abundance

In the late 19th century, the monorail route quickly gave way to a hiking trail. When they take it today, walkers meander along the rivers and cross many bridges and footbridges (every 400 meters), such as the beautiful bridge of Montagny where the Charpassone flows.

Remains to discover

The Monorail trail is also wonderful sites to discover such as the priory of Salt-en-Donzy, the medieval site of Donzy, as well as the chapel of La Valette, built in the 11th century. By following the old railway, you will enjoy finding the traces of a past life where vegetation almost triumphed.

Parking: near the Tourist Office of Panissières

Elevation gain683m
BeaconingWhite and yellow with a locomotive

For a day with family or friends

The 25 km route, accessible to walkers, riders or mountain bikers, represents an average of 7 hours of walking. You can plan a nice day with your partner, your family or your friends to discover the landscapes of the Montagnes du Matin and the history of the Monorail.