An unusual experience!

Sleeping in the trees

Pexels Nina Uhlíková 287240Pexels Nina Uhlíková 287240
©Pexels Nina Uhlíková 287240
Hiking proposed by Jean-Jacques

Dreaming of playing squirrel? The basic requirement is zero degradation: environmental preservation and total respect for the trees! Ropes and harnesses are moved regularly from tree to tree, avoiding any friction.

Where and for whom?

Go to Chalmazel-Jeansagnière, in a beautiful beech grove on the river bank. Of course, you need a good physical condition but, from the age of 6 years, you can climb in moulinette or rope travel.

How long will it take?

Opt for a half day, a full day or, for the more adventurous, an overnight stay perched in a hammock with a fourme fondue!

Book your stay in the trees

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