Come and discover the Balneo'bois!

Relax in a Russian bania

Take a bath in an outdoor spa and relax under a yurt? Nothing like it after a hike to recharge your batteries!

Pexels Nina Uhlíková 287240Pexels Nina Uhlíková 287240
©Pexels Nina Uhlíková 287240
Hiking proposed by Jean-Jacques

Come and enjoy a unique concept in France: La balnéo’bois. It’s at Cap Oxygène in Pilat that it happens!

How does it work?

Enjoy the outdoor balneo in the middle of nature, designed in wood and heated with a wood stove! On the program, steam baths made from wood from the village sawmill, Nordic baths between 38 and 40 ° C, cold water fountain (or friction in the snow depending on the season!) then relax under a real Mongolian yurt! Well-being guaranteed!

All the benefits are in the Balneo'bois

A relaxing, invigorating, energizing session for muscle recovery and toxin elimination, a real moment of relaxation, with family, couple or friends!

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