Explora (science park)in Saint-Etienne

Visiter Explora

A complex of activities and discoveries around science, here is what Explora offers in Saint-Etienne. A stone’s throw from the Musée de la Mine, the scientific culture center gets the minds of young and old stirred.

The place to create and play with science

At Explora, you don’t come to look at theoretical exhibitions. One comes especially to make, and test its achievements on real test tracks. Opened since March 2021, the center of scientific and technical culture of Saint-Etienne, is popular with schools and leisure centers, but not only! It consists of both an indoor experimentation space, ExploraLab, and a large park of 8000 m², ExploraParc.

Create at ExploraLab

ExploraLab is the building not only to understand, imagine, but also to “do” science. Inspired by the Maker culture developed in the United States, Explora first invites visitors to make objects themselves. During workshops related to music, programming or even scientific challenges, everyone learns to use tools, recycled materials or new technologies such as the 3D printer (depending on the number of participants).

Testz à ExploraParc

Outdoors, Explora is free and open access. It is a large landscaped area that includes surprising, interactive and fun installations. In front of the parking lot, the Electric Picnic allows everyone to try games to activate an electric generator. In the Sound Zone, you can have fun with giant instruments and a forest of voice tubes. Further on, in the Challenge Zone, young and old scientists test their water rockets, parachutes and automatons made in the ExploraLab. Finally, nature lovers meet at the Research and Carboniferous Gardens, dedicated to the study and history of plants.

Access to science for all

Explora is part of a desire to promote access to scientific culture for all. Its offers and programming are adapted throughout the year to provide the general public with a maximum number of activities.