Theatrical visit and escape gameat the Château de la Roche

Theatrical visit to the Chateau de la Roche

Immersive visits

Activities proposed by the Château de la Roche

More than just a visitor, become a real extra in the history of the Château, following in the footsteps of Mr. and Mrs. Roustan, owners of the building from 1900 to 1930. The actors who embody them plunge you into the heart of the Belle Époque, for a journey from the XIIIᵉ century to the present day.

Escape game

Enjoy the 2 escape game rooms of the Château de la Roche with two different plots: “Spirit are you there?” and “Submergence alert”.

Search, find objects, clues and solve puzzles… You only have 60 minutes to escape!”

Landscapes to discover

Before or after the theatrical tour or the escape game, you can take the opportunity to walk around the Castle and discover its beautiful landscapes!


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